Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exodus 24

On a mountain, a burning bush

A dancing flame

Warmly illuminating Earth

Wild fire that did not destroy

Blazing with gentle radiance

Giving light to Earth

Inferno of loving-kindness

Speaking God’s wisdom

Gentle brilliance

Demonstrating God’s abiding presence

Words cannot explain the feeling

Bliss, joy, excitement, euphoria, praise

Love, laughter, peace, contentment, shalom

Yes, these words and so much more

All from being in the company of the Eternal One

Moses got to climb that mountain

And a crowd went with him

They felt and saw it all

They felt and saw God

Communal Pentecost

Collaborative holiness

In awe they ate and drank among friends, among God

The bread sustaining life

The wine celebrating life

Together they shared a meal

Together they beheld God

Together we are invited to do the same

The fire is lit

Prepare the meal

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